Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little about me

First, let me clarify that this is mainly an update for those friends who are now far away and have requested some info about me, not just the kids...they're so much easier to write about because they are constantly cracking me up and even when I tell about their faults it's endearing. I, on the other hand, have many, many faults that don't seem quite as endearing, but...alas, here's a few things about me. Warning, they'll probably be a little scattered...but then, so am I! :) Externally: I'm a little frustrated with how slowly I'm losing my "baby" weight this time around. It is starting to come off a bit more. I can wear my clothes from before I was pregnant with Sam, but...they don't fit quite the same and the aforementioned clothes were a size bigger than before I had Jon...yuck. However, I am getting a nice tan which always boosts the self-esteem--silly, but true--and I've found this line of clothing at JC Penney that is really flattering. (It's call a.n.a. and I love it!) Also, to continue this tirade on all things superficial, I desperately need a hair cut, but don't know where to go...I had gone to the same girl for 6 years in Virginia, back to square 1. Internally: I have discovered that I don't do so well without accountability. Before we moved I was so blessed by the lovely ladies in my Bible study group. We were doing a Precept study on the Gospel of John. It was incredible and because I knew that I would see them each Wednesday, I was pretty darn consistent about doing the lessons and spending consistent time in the Word each week. Now...not so much. I miss them. I miss being consistent. I miss my time in the Word. I'm such a better person when I'm immersing myself in Him. Here I have fallen out of the routines that I had struggled to create after Sam was born and I need to fight to find those routines once more. I enjoy all aspects of my life more when I am finding my joy in Christ and not looking to Pete or others around me to find my worth. It's a silly, yet reoccurring mistake. Thankfully, I'm at the recognizing and working to fix the problem stage. This time last week, I was a bit cranky and whiny and in general a drag to be around. I'm forever thankful that my dear husband, who has seen me in last weeks stage of this unpleasant cycle on numerous occasions, has figured out how to gently bring it to my attention. I'm even more thankful that the God who I am continually turning from, loves me through those weeks and is waiting to run to me when I return to Him. That's completely amazing. Misc. Info: We have found a church that we really seem to like. We've gone to Cornerstone Bible Church for the past 5 Sundays and really like the people and the preaching. A big bonus is that it is only 6-7 minutes from our new house. (which we move into in a month!!!!) We are all loving Pete's job. He travels every now and then (on average once a month) for a couple nights. However, when he's not traveling he's home by 5:45 and off every weekend!! We're thoroughly enjoying having Saturdays!! Also, he's really enjoying the job, which makes us enjoy him more! Random: I've realized that I was a bit spoiled by my parents in Virginia. They would keep Jon every Wednesday from around noon until the next day around 10am. Pete and I had a date night every week. Then once Sam was born, our sweet friend, Bethanie, would keep him while Pete and I went out and then we'd pick him back up on our way home. We've had free childcare for date nights for over a year. No mas. (that's Spanish for no more) Also, I would do most of my shopping while my mom had Jon, so neither he nor I are used to shopping together. I've gone from shopping by myself to shopping with two children. It's been interesting to adjust but we're getting there. Completely random: Dayton doesn't have nearly as many Chic-fil-A's as Fredericksburg. Dayton doesn't have nearly as many Starbucks as Fredericksburg. Especially Starbucks with drive-thru's--which by the way is one of the only ways to do Starbucks with children. (seriously, I've only gone once in the past 5 weeks, because who wants to drag two kids in for a cup of coffee?) Bizarre: I'm actually looking forward to being able to use my treadmill again once we move. Who would have thought? Wow...that was long...thanks for hanging in there...if you did, I'd love to hear from you!


lsharbaugh said...

Hiya. I really appreciated your post. I understand that a tan really boosts your self-esteem. One of my goals for before the babies was to get a tan (it also helps that being in the water is really the only time I'm comfortable) - because I knew that it would be the only way that I wouldn't feel really horrible about the way I looked afterwards when I never sleep again!

I hope that you get used to your new life in Dayton. I know that changes can be really rough, but I pray that God quickly brings new friends across your path that offer accountability and spiritual depth. I know they help a TON! I also hope that you can find the exciting fun new things that Dayton does have that Fredricksburg didn't have. I'm sure there are some :)
I love your new house, I've said that before - but I must confess my house envy again :)
I also love that picture of Sam on your sidebar. Did you take it or is it professional?

Julie said...

It is good to hear how you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I loved reading this and appreciate how real you always are. It's amazing how I can relate even though our lives are so different. Thanks for sharing!

Heather, the Other

jpro said...

i totally hear you on the starbucks thing. i drove about twenty minutes out of the way to go to one with a drive-thru when we were in cleveland. ask me, and i know where they all are on all our routes.... :)