Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why is it that when kids, especially toddlers, say something wrong, it's cute, but as we get older it's looked down upon? Example: This morning Jon asked if he could watch Dora E. Explorer. I said, "do you mean Dora THE Explorer?" And he said, "No, Dora EEEEEEEEEE Explorer." Cuteness... Why is it that I seem to blog more and think about blogging more when Pete is gone? Is it the lack of adult interaction? Is it because I have more time to think and reflect? Nah, that can't be it...I'm on duty with the kids from sun up to sun down! Last night I attempted to go to Chic-fil-A's kids night. The local branch has free kids meals on Tuesday nights. I thought this would be a win-win. We all love the food, Jon LOVES the play area, and it would help the evening without Pete to go more quickly. Well...we got there at 5pm, hoping to beat the rush and beat it we did. Apparently the kids' night doesn't start until 6pm...hence no free kids meal and not many people at all. Jon was disappointed that there were, "no friends, mama!" and for some reason did not want to eat chicken nuggets????? weird! Then the trip was topped off by Jon having a poopy diaper. Now, normally I take those in stride, but this was the first time that I had to change Jon with Sam with me and no stroller or adult friend to help out. Yikes...I was at a loss. I didn't really want Sam crawling on the bathroom floors--even at Chic-fil-A. Angel of mercy, a Chic-fil-A worker who looked to be my age was smiling at Sam and I ended up asking her to hold him while I took Jon to the restroom. What a blessing. It's easier to post about my kids or random things than about myself...yet, I will post about me in the next 24-36 hours...depending on naptimes, etc. I realize I've neglected to do that lately.

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