Thursday, October 23, 2008


Real quick, so I don't forget, some things heard around here lately: I said, "Mommy loves the Backyardigans!" Jon: "I..uh, Jon loves the Backyardigans too!" at the park to a complete stranger/parent of some child: Jon: "Hi, my name is Jon. I'm from Ohio!" while playing catch with a football with me and Sam: Jon, after catching three in a row, "Wow! My daddy will be SOOO PROUD of ME!!" after being rude to me: Me: "Jon, should you talk to Mommy like that?" Jon: "no..." Me: "Come here so that we can talk about it, please." Jon: "I don't wanna talk." (and runs to his bed) (this is significant b/c this is the only time he doesn't want to talk!) driving to his buddies house, J: "I don't see any signs of his house yet!" after talking w/ Uncle Scott on Skype on the computer: J: "Is Uncle Scott still in our computer, Mom?" lastly, one of our favorites can't really be captured in a blog, but I'll try my best: while listening to a Bible songs CD in the van: CD: "Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little children...God is love, God is love..." (sung) Jon, in a sing-songy voice, but definitely talking, "Praise HIM, Praise HIM all d little chilDREN...God is LOVE, God is LOVE" Pete and I wonder if he might be some sort of worship leader in the's so funny to actually hear him!

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Dee said...

lol!! love it! i especially love the computer one!! :) so cute!!