Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fly on the Wall

My friend, Jen, often posts blogs like this and I always get a good laugh out of them, so I thought I'd steal the title and do one of my own. Here are some things you might overhear around here: Jon, not wanting to try his 3 bites of dinner: "I'm a little bit shy of ziti" Sam, after Jon takes a toy from him this afternoon, "No, No! No, NO!" Jon's response to my stern voice, "I don't like when you talk like that" Jon on his way to his room after being disobedient, in a whiny voice, "Oh, bummer...what will I do now!" The highlight of the day, when my friend, Tina, was thanking Jon for being kind to his buddy, Noah and being a good friend, he said, "We're supposed ta do everything without complaining or arguing." (YAY--he remembered a Bible verse and applied it!!! Don't worry, he made up for it latter with much complaining and arguing, but...we'll take what we can get!) there's much more, but that'll be it for now Jen also has a "Not Me" post that she does that is hilarious...I've been compiling my list and will definitely blog a "Not Me" post soon. For now, here's just a couple to wet your appetite. ~I did not wipe the dirt out of a snack bowl today and then put Sam's snack in it, instead of washing it out. Not me, I wouldn't do that. I got him a clean one like a good mother. ~I did not hear Sam awake in his crib at 3:15pm, but leave him in there until 3:45pm so that I could have just a little bit more time to myself. Not me, I got him right out and played educational games for that half an hour. ;)

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Jen said...

awesome! loving the not me-ing going on in Ohio! and your boys are so funny. endless supply of source material aren't they?