Monday, September 7, 2009

Catching up

We just had the treat of having Grammie--my mom--come for a week. Unfortunately, the boys were both sick when she got here with a nasty virus. Thankfully, Grammie was a huge help with them. She helped me to stay sane throughout the week! Then my brothers and Dad, cousin, Marcy and her son, Riley, came for a long weekend. It was so great to be surrounded by family. The kids were in heaven having people to play with constantly! Not to mention the fact that we celebrated their birthdays with everyone which meant more gifts and cake!! ;) Saturday night we got to celebrate my cousin Amanda's wedding with my mom's side of the family. All in all, the week was a whirlwind, but loaded with fun memories. Mom and I had talked about trying to get a family picture since we were all together, but it didn't happen. We'll definitely have to do that next time. Here are some pics I did get from the time:

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