Monday, February 7, 2011

One Thousand Gifts--Multitude Mondays

I've been really bad about linking and blogging my list, but I have been journaling them often. Here's a few from the past week:
~electricity during the ice storm
~safety for my sweetie while traveling to and from work through the snow and ice
~little boys playing in the basement while I read God's Word (this only happened one morning, but I was SO thankful!)
~a baby who found his thumb and sleeps through the night
~God's provision of strength and patience when mine is wearing thin
~forgiveness when I mess up (constantly)
~sweet romantic comments from my love
~10 years of being in love with him
~little boys who are growing bigger each day
~much needed time with a dear friend
~the reminder to lean into to His strength, even when I think I am strong--because my strength is nothing compared to His

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