Friday, November 4, 2011

A little help

Today I had one of those moments when your watching your kids do something simple and it strikes you that there are like a million little lessons that you could be soaking up if you only look a bit more carefully. I posted a couple days ago about Jon's new found love of climbing the tree in our front yard. Well, as always, Sam wants to be where Jon is, doing what Jon is doing. However, he couldn't quite reach the first spot that Jon climbs from, so...he got resourceful.
This in and of itself is not anything too special. Actually, one of my first thoughts was, "silly little cheater!" And then I thought a little more. He wanted so badly to be with his brother, to be doing what his brother was doing. He never complained to me about it, he simply found a way to do it. He looked around himself to find some way to get around his problem and get where he wanted to be. Suddenly, I went from laughing at him to being filled with pride. That's my son, working to accomplish his goal. How often to do I face a situation that seems difficult or even impossible and just give up or feel sorry for myself and complain? I love learning lessons from my sweet boys. (don't misread this, they are sinful and selfish and there is much disciplining going on in our home daily, but they fill my life with so much joy!) Today I was reminded to work hard and not allow challenges to discourage me, but to be creative. The end result is totally worth it!

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kaiegallo said...

I know you don't know me. I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading this. I like how you look at things from two different sides of the spectrum. :)c