Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

In September, Pete had a work convention in Las Vegas that we were able to attend together. Thanks to our parents, who took turns loving on our kids and to Pete's company for making it possible. Before we left, I figured out that we had only had one, yes, ONE, date night since Will had been born 10 months earlier. We had been so good about making date nights a priority before, but it just sort of got trickier after Will was born. Anyway, the chance to get away together was just what we needed. The fact that it was in Las Vegas was kind of just a side note. Pete did play a little poker and we had fun, but the best part was just being together and getting to be us. Not mom and dad--which we truly love being--but just Pete and Heather. Personally, getting away and not having to cut anyone's food or change a diaper or assist in the bathroom or figure out what anyone was going to wear besides me was heavenly. It was just the refreshment that I needed after moving. Besides time with Pete, my other favorite part was this:
lounging by the pool and reading a book
I sure love this guy!

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