Friday, February 3, 2012


This week I had every intention of posting some more personal thoughts that I have been pondering, but when one kid got sick and I pulled a muscle in my neck, many plans got shifted. Maybe those thoughts need some more thinking...hopefully I'll post them soon. Writing is like therapy for me. I love it. Anyway, for now let me share some funny conversations that have been had around here with these silly boys. I hope they bring a smile to your face!

Sam: "God made everything. He could hold the whole world on his toe. He probably has BIIIIGGGG toes! But they're probably not stinky!"

And speaking of stinky, Me: "Will, are you stinky buddy?" "
W: "YEAH!"

Will is starting to understand more and more. He'll shake his head to tell me that he doesn't want more of something. Or he'll say "pssss" for please to let me know he wants more. Another brief exchange that we had this week went like this:
Me: "mmmm, are you drinking your milk, buddy?"
Will: "mmmm" (pause, followed by the cup getting thrown to the ground and his head shaking side to side) "No! No!"
That's right, buddy, throwing the cup on the ground is a no-no.

Even as I type this, Will came to me with the broken camera saying, "Cheeeeeeeese!"
(yes, it's still broken. Pete and I have a deal. If I sell our old gas range on Craigslist, I can use the money for a new camera. Money is tight and the broken camera was only purchase one year, it's a fair deal. Anyone need a gas stove?)

Sam was looking for his blankie and said to Jon in a very dramatic voice, "It must be lost in a magical forest!"
Jon replied, "Where is this magical forest?"
And Sam answered, "We must find it!"

And speaking of blankies, I asked Jon to find Will's blankie before his nap. After Jon brought it to us, he bowed and said, "All in a day's work!"

Sam: "Next time we get those goldfish can they just be for me?"
Me: "Sam, that's very selfish"
Jon: "Ha! Sel--FISH!"

Sam and I had this hilarious conversation in which we discovered that he didn't know what the words often or frequently meant. We then spent the next 15 minutes using those two words as frequently as possible in the right context. It was very funny, but I'm not sure I remember any direct quotes. Just a lot of things like: "I frequently eat breakfast slower than Jon" or "I frequently wake up first in our family" or "I'm often the one who wins in races with Jon" or "Jon often eats oatmeal for breakfast" or "I frequently eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches for lunch." You get the idea. Realizing that he didn't understand was the funniest, but then hearing him putting it into practice was a close runner up. It was definitely a time I don't want to forget.

Me: "Jon, whatcha doing?"
Jon: "Going downstairs to get costumes. It's animal day."
(silly me, how could I forget? oh wait, we've never had animal day before!) :)

Well, I'm off to enjoy animal day! Hope you have wonderful day, too!


Shawna said...

So cute! One of the recent funny things Ava said (doesn't happen quite so often now that she's older) was using the word 'vast' for her spelling test, she wrote "My dad is vast." I laughed at that so hard and she said that she thought vast meant big, and I told her it does, but it means really, really big, like the ocean. We still laugh about it. Kids are so fun!

Kristen said...

Love these "sayings" precious. This blog will be a fantastic gift to your children some day!