Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Big News

I have no poker face. I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I'm upset, it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention. If there's something on my mind, I might not be able to make small talk about other things--at least not at the normally witty pace that I usually would. ;) That brings me to why I've been quiet for the past few weeks--only a couple posts in the past several weeks--I'm pregnant! As I type, I'm pausing to nibble on a piece of toast in an attempt to keep the nausea at bay. I've known for nearly a month and have been bursting. I don't know how people wait until they finish the first trimester to share their news. I was trying to think of what to share here about this news and I've decided that I want to write about when I found out--and the months leading up to it. This blog is typically a place where I tell whimsical little stories about my silly boys and occasionally stop to ponder deeper things. I've also used it to log milestones for the kids and to record their birth stories. (If you're interested in reading those here's Jon's story, Sam's story, and Will's birth story) I don't think I've ever recorded the circumstances surrounding when we found out we were pregnant. All in all, the stories aren't too dramatic, but for memory sake, I'd like to write about it.

Pete and I are so thankful for the way that Jon and Sam love each other and are such good buddies. We've said for quite some time that we'd probably try to get pregnant fairly quickly after Will turned one in hopes of having a buddy for him as well. Each month I would take pregnancy tests days before I should in hopes of seeing that plus sign appear. Each time I was disappointed, but would console myself with knowing that it is God's timing, not ours. Then last month I got sick. I had that double ear infection and felt so lousy. Pete was taking care of everything around the house and I found myself thinking, "this isn't fair, he's got so much on his plate right now with work, he shouldn't have to care my load as well." I even prayed about the fact that we were trying to get pregnant, thinking that maybe we should wait a bit because I usually am fairly worthless during the first trimester. Being sick for those days before going to the doctor led to some good prayer time and good conversations with Pete, who was very reassuring. Then I went to the doctor and, when discussing medicines that I could or should take, she asked me if I could be pregnant. I told her that we had been trying, so she recommended that I take a test before taking certain medicines. I took at test the next morning and was so surprised to see that it was positive. A friend, who's also pregnant, had given me a digital pregnancy test and it was there written out for us:

We are so excited. Last night, Pete and I talked a little about the mystery of it all. Will this little on be a girl and rock our boy world? Or will it be another boy who will shake things up in his own way? It's hard to believe that just a few years ago we didn't know any of these precious little ones and now, Lord-willing, we'll have four just after Christmas. I really can't wait to know this little one. Each of our children have been such a blessing, teaching me more about myself and about love and God's goodness that I ever could have imagined. I have no doubt that this little one will do the same.


Jen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! so excited for you guys!

The Pilots Wife said...

I'll say it again, I'm so excited for you guys! Being patient is so hard. :)