Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pool Fun

Anyone who knew me when I was young knows that I am a fish. I LOVE THE WATER. When we lived in Lake of the Woods, in Virginia, I was on the swim team as soon they would let me be (I was five) and the same with the water ski team. Summer was my favorite time of the year, on top of having my birthday in June, I also got to live in the water. When my family moved back to Ohio when I was 11 and there weren't so many cool water options to fill my summer days, I figured that my parents must have hated me. (I literally wrote them a letter that said as much) There was only one pool in the entire town and it was pretty far from our house. No water skiing. No lakes or beaches within walking or biking distance. I had been so spoiled and I didn't even know it.
Why am I bringing that up now? Well, this summer I am getting spoiled again. I have several friends who have pools and they are very generous about sharing them with us. The first week of June, we were invited to swim at one friend's house and that was the week from you know where, when I got so terribly sick. So, we obviously didn't swim that week. But every week since then, we have gone swimming once or twice a week at one friend's house or another. It has been such a treat. The boys have LOVED it. I have LOVED it.
We've often swam with our friends from church. The kids have so much fun together--actually so do the grown ups!

We've figured out a schedule that seems to be the best for everyone. We go around 12:30 or 1pm, after eating lunch. Will, who is quite the daredevil at the pool and loves to walk right in, can swim with us for a little while. Then after about 45 minutes, I take him inside where we've set up a pack n' play and he can nap for a couple hours while the older kids and the other grown ups and I can enjoy the pool with much less fear of anyone drowning!

I realized last week that after taking the kids swimming over 6 times, I still had yet to get a shot of Will in the pool. Since I was always in the water with him, I felt a little puzzled about how to remedy that problem. But my friend, Shawna, came to my rescue and took a few pics to prove that he really does get to swim with us and enjoy the summer fun, too. (Even if his time in the pool is significantly shorter than the rest of us!)

I'm sure as the summer goes on, I'll have more fun pool pics. I hope you don't get bored of them! :)

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