Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Put 'em up!

This silly boy loves his brothers' nerf guns. He can now load the darts, but has yet to figure out how to actually shoot them. I wouldn't be surprised if he figures it out before he turns two in November. You know you're in danger when you see this mischievous grin, hear him giggle and say, "Bang! Bang!"

He's such a fun boy! :)


Shawna said...

Cute! Pete look so yeah, whatever, I'm used to being held at gunpoint by a 1 year old.

La Donna said...

Hi there!! My name is LaDonna and I blog at I saw your blog at A Hundred Acre Wood for the CC link-up. In the Fall my family will be doing CC for the first time. It's nice to meet you!! Aren't boys the funnest?

stonelending said...
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