Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy and Healthy: Our Big Boys

I took Jon and Sam to the pediatrician today for their well-child appointments. I am so thankful that they are both, in general, very healthy little boys. Besides random viruses, eczema, and super mild asthma, our kids are healthy and strong little guys. Today was really great because a friend from church kept Will, so it was just the big boys and me. I brought along our school work and they completed most of it in the waiting room or while their brother was getting examined. They each have a couple things to do this afternoon, but were able to have lunch and then play for a bit after we got home. Who says homeschooling has to happen at home? ;) But I digress, back to the doctor's office:

Jon checked in at 49 pounds and 48 1/2 inches. (39th percentile for weight and 58th for height)
Sam was trying to keep up and weighed in at 41 pounds and was 44 1/2 inches tall. (52nd for weight and 79th for height)
(those figures are for my record keeping and the random relative who might care!;)

Sam got his first shots since he was 2 and although he whined a little while they were giving them, he didn't actually shed a tear and was quite brave! I am proud of him! Jon was thrilled to not be the recipient of any shots this year! :)

Now, as long as everyone stays healthy, we shouldn't be returning to the pediatrician until right after Thanksgiving for Will's 2 year check up.

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