Thursday, May 22, 2008

A big week

First, our not-so-little guy, Sam, started crawling yesterday! Yikes! Also he loves to stand at his learning table and turn to the couch and hold on, he'll be walking soon. (Jon walked at 9 months...this one isn't far behind. Sam will be 9 months old in a couple weeks.) Secondly, we went to a nice church on Sunday. Cornerstone Bible Church in Xenia is a reformed church of around 100-150 people. It was quite traditional. We sang hymns, but as their sign says, we sang them vibrantly. The people were very friendly and the preaching was 50 minutes of expository teaching on 3 verses from Romans 15. (NCF friends we thought it was fun to come in to the end of their series on Romans since we missed the end of Pastor Bob's series on Romans!) We're going to visit again this coming Sunday. Lastly, we made an offer on a house yesterday. This is actually the first house that we considered after moving here in April. We weren't sure about the size of the yard, but we've always LOVED the house itself. After looking at MANY houses since then, we decided to give it a second look. Pete and I both thought that the yard seemed bigger this time around. The owners have until tonight (Thursday night) to get back to us. We're really praying that it works out, but mostly that we'll just be content wherever God wants us. If things work out with this house, there will be plenty of space for visitors, so start planning your trips to Ohio! :) We'd love to have friends and family come visit. I'll keep you posted. Please keep praying--thanks!

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linnea said...

Oh Heather, it won't be long now! (did you hear music with that line?)
Loved seeing the two boys crawling! :-)
Will keep the house in prayer.
Love you all,