Friday, May 16, 2008

Victory in the Bathtub!

Tonight we had just that--a victorious bathtime! Many of you may know that Jon has always loved bathtime. He would clean up any and all toys if that meant getting to take a bath sooner. However, since just before we moved (approx. February) he has been afraid of the water in his face and freaks out, I mean freaks out, when we wash his hair. It has gotten so bad that we only bathe him once or twice a week to avoid the battles. In a vicious chain reaction, Sam has become afraid of bathtime. Usually Jon goes first in the bathtub followed by a quick washing of Sam in the same bathwater (aren't we green, conserving water like that??). This brings Sam into the bathroom as Jon is exiting screaming and crying. Understandably, Sam gets upset and then screams through his washing. Tonight I was inspired and suggested bringing the tubseat in from the garage that overfloweth with stuff and let the boys play together for a little while before washing them. Amazingly, it worked! Jon was excited to get in a play with Sam (he is liking his little brother more and more--it's pretty fun) and Sam was thrilled to have Jon stationary (at least somewhat) and in front of him for an extended period of time. I washed Sam up first and then took Pete took him out while I washed Jon up. Sam didn't cry at all and Jon only cried a little. This was a major victory!! Here's a 2 minute clip:

Soon I will be posting pictures or video of Sam crawling. The kid is getting more mobile everyday! This week he figured out how to push himself from his hands and knees up to a sitting position and back. He is often found rolling around to get to something, then he pushes himself up on all fours, then up to a sitting position to play with the desired object. It's crazy. Suddenly he's not a helpless little infant! If he's anything like his big brother, he'll be walking in a few weeks! Yikes! Here's a few pics:

quick house and church update: still searching! keep praying! Thanks!

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