Monday, May 5, 2008

The Speed of Light!!!

I feel like life's been moving that fast lately! I can't believe it's May and I haven't posted for weeks! There are so many things that I want to share, here's a quick recap of the happenings out here:

  • The house in VA: they offered, we countered, they countered, we countered again, they accepted, we closed last Tuesday!!!! We are so thankful that the house was only on the market for about two months, in this market that's amazing. We did settle for a price much lower than we ever would have thought, but since it sold quickly, we'll have enough to put down on a house out here when that time comes. Praise the Lord!

  • A trip to Indy: The weekend before last brought a trip to visit Pete's roommate from college and his wife. Their son turned one! It was so fun to spend time with old friends and celebrate the life of their little guy. We're excited to be only 2 hours from the Browns and look forward to lots more weekend visits together! :)

  • A visit from my mom: My grandparents were out in Virginia while we were in Indy and brought my mom back to Ohio with them. The boys and I traveled up to Ashland and spent the night at their house. It was nice to spend time with them and then bring my mom home with us. She spent all week with us. We stayed SUPER busy--shopping, visiting friends, shopping, playing at parks, and just enjoying our time with her. And on her trip back her flight was overbooked, so she took a later flight and received $200 towards her next trip! Yay!

  • The church hunt continues: We visited another new church this past weekend. It was good, but there were some issues, so the hunt goes on...and on..(I know it's only been a few weeks of looking, but I just long for a church home--please pray! thanks!)

  • The House Hunt: Now that our house in VA has sold, we're looking at homes out here in Dayton. So far we haven't found one that we both love, so we keep looking and praying for that right house that can become our home. Thankfully, we've got over 4 more months here at our condo to figure something out. (although, I would love to have a bit more space to get organized and move around, but...I'm trying not to dwell on that!!)

  • Pete's job: He continues to enjoy it. Especially now as he is slowly moving from training into some responsibilities. He has now traveled and met the main clients that he will be working with and is excited to be taking over some projects. He continues to be home by 6pm at the latest (except for the 4 nights that he's traveled) and occassionally he gets to swing in for lunch with us! So far so good! Another praise!

  • The boys: They continue to bring a smile to my face so often! They are both growing up way too fast, but they are so much fun. Sam is rolling ALL over the place and is often rocking on his hands and knees. The crawling is not far off---yikes! He also loves to stand and I predict will be an early walker like his brother. Look out! Jon loves slides, books, and his new "best friend" Noah. My friend Tina's son and Jon have become best buds. They get so excited to spend time together, which we try to do at least once a week. That has been a huge blessing. (Tina's friendship with me and Noah's friendship with Jon!!)

  • This week: The boys and I are traveling up to Ashland and Mansfield to visit my dear friend, Shannon and her family. They just had a new addition--Kallie Renee--last week. Pete's mom is going to watch the boys so that I can spend a little time getting to know this sweet little one and catch up with my oldest friend. (she's not old, we've just been friends since middle school!)

  • Prayer Requests: The house search, the church hunt, and our sanity in this little place---it is difficult to find quiet times or spaces to spend with the Lord.

Wow...if you made it this far, congratulations! Please keep in touch!


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