Thursday, July 17, 2008


A quick post before we have our walk-thru at the house--the closing is in less than 24hours!! A few scattered thoughts some for you, some because I just want to remember them--you figure out which is which! ~survived the root canal today, it was my 4th in my lifetime. Overall, much less painful than the infection/absess that I had two weeks ago that led to the root canal. ~I'm working my way through the to-do list which is not in Excel format--yes, I'm a geek ~Jon cracks us up on a regular basis. Earlier this week I told him to ask Daddy how work was and if he had any meetings. Now everyday he asks him. It's adorable. Also, when Pete asks him the same questions, he answers, "Good. Yes, I had a meeting with Mommy and Sammers" ~Sam is kind of walking. He's taken eight to ten steps at a time and he does it at various times most days. He doesn't do it all the time--he's a pretty proficient crawler, but he's doing it more and more. ~Jon is really sweet with Sam. If Sam's upset about something and starts crying, Jon will sing to him--usually the ABC's. :) ~Sam, who has been known for his constant smiles, just started making this scrunchy face. He scrunches his nose all up whenever he gets frustrated or mad--it's pretty funny. I've been trying to capture it on film, but so far I've been unsuccessful. I'll post a pic as soon as I do. ~Pete's job is changing a bit. The short version--he's going to be doing some scheduling/planning on the production side of things, overseeing/managing a few people, and (my personal favorite) traveling a lot less. The company really needed someone to fill this gap that they had and they needed someone who is very detail oriented to help them make things more efficient. Mr. Efficiency himself should be perfect for the job! ~We're still really enjoying our new church. I've started attending a women's Bible study on Tuesday nights. The sermon this past week was incredible and tied right in with what we are studying--I love when God does stuff like that! You can click here to hear the sermon--it's probably 45 minutes long, but I promise it's worth it! ~Moving day is a week from Saturday!! Yay!! ~We're heading back to Virginia from August 13th to 17th for Bethanie May and Tyler Cooke's wedding. Hopefully we'll see many of you then! Off to inspect the house! :)

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