Thursday, July 3, 2008

time...goes slowly...

or does it? does time fly? I think it's strange how when you are enjoying things--family, vacation, a night out, shopping, etc...--time seems to go so quickly. However, when you are waiting in anticipation for something--an important phone call, to move into a new place, to see a favorite person, etc..--time seems to crawl. I guess either way, we're supposed to try to enjoy each moment and make the most of them, right? I'm going to try to do that. *By the way, this post was inspired by the way time crawled yesterday while I was waiting to hear back from my dentist** and by how slowly the time seems to be going until we move. (We close on the house in 15 days and move in a week later!!)* **My tooth was infected and does need a root canal. I'm on antibiotics and doing much better!**

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