Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This morning I was telling Jon that it's Bible study day and Emma was coming over to "play." (Emma's the middle school girl, who's homeschooled that comes and babysits during Bible study) He said, "oh! I love my friend Emma." Then he proceeded to ask me if he could have 1 piece of his halloween candy during Bible study and if he could give Emma 1 piece, too. After telling him that I thought that was a great idea, he asked me, "do ladies like candy, too?" (ladies, referring to the women who come to the study) I said, yes, they probably do. His response was adorable, "Mom, do you think they would each like some of my candy?" I told him that would be so very kind of him to share his candy with them. So he proceeded to put a piece at each place at the table. A few minutes later he looked in his pumkin candy basket, looked up at me and said, "my basket is getting a little empty...maybe I will put the candy back." I didn't say anything (he is three after all--sharing all that candy is a lot to ask) and a second later he said, "but if they want some they can have some out of my basket, okay?"

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