Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay, this is embarrassing, but if you can't laugh at yourself then...
Jon and Sam had been playing together in the basement in the "playroom" and I had been down there. I was getting ready to go upstairs and throw some lunch together, so they requested that I put a DVD on for them. I did, Sam climbed up into this little desk chair to watch and a few minutes later Jon came upstairs. Jon played quietly by himself while I finished making lunch. I thought it was a little weird that Sam stayed downstairs--he's so social and almost never plays by himself--but was glad for the quiet (I had a headache that was still lingering a little). Anyway, Jon went ahead and ate, and I figured if Sam was playing well by himself I'd let him go a little longer. Finally after about 25 minutes (I'm terrible, I really shouldn't have waited that long!) I went down to see what he was up to...he was still in the chair and the minute he saw me he burst out crying and said "stuck." Oops. He couldn't get down, or at least he didn't think so. After I held him for a minute or two, he was fine and wanted to go find Jon and get some food. I'm sure he won't even remember this, but it's one of those mom moments that you feel like such a dork. I should know my son well enough to know that if Jon and I are both upstairs that he's not going to stay downstairs. and learn, right?

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Jen said...

oh, dear! that is too funny! oops!