Saturday, February 14, 2009

The things he says...

Jon has been cracking me up's a sampling:
“can you take these down to the kitchen, because these are a fooood item”
“sometimes people like to eat these (chese rice cakes) for breakfast…sometimes.”
“Promise that you’ll never pick up a jacket again.” (I wish!)
“Promise that you’ll never knock the cars into the bathtub again.”
“I wanna tell ya something…I was thinkin’ we could go outside today?”
"The made a mistake, they didn't let me fill up the water cup and it made me SOOOO sad."
"Thank you, Daddy, for getting Mommy flowers. They have my favorite color." (the funniest part here was that he said thanks to Pete before I could!)
"Your movie is toooo loud. Promise me that you won't watch movies ever again." (we're not sure where this promise theme came from!?)
"I beat Sam! I beat Sam awake! Yay Jon! Yay Jon!" (Yes, he's a bit competitive like his dad and thinks that everything is a contest, even who wakes up first...a contest that I'd gladly lose!)

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