Monday, March 16, 2009

Anniversary Getaway!

Many of you have facebook and have already seen the pics, but some don't so here's the latest and greatest from us: Pete and I celebrated our anniversary a couple weeks early this year. His parents came and stayed with the boys so that we could get away for the weekend. It was SO nice. We went to Indianapolis. It was so fun. The Big Ten NCAA Men's basketball tourney was going on while we were there, so we decided if Ohio State made it to either of Saturday's games, we'd get tickets and go. They did and we did and it was a blast. Saturday morning we stumbled upon an alumni event/pep rally at Champps (a sports bar). As we were entering, so was Eddie George--former Buckeye, Heisman winner, former NFL player--so we got to meet him, get autographs and pictures taken. Also, the pep band, cheerleaders and Brutus were there, so we joined in on a few OSU favs. It was really fun. Then we shopped for a bit, ate some lunch and were off to see the game. We were playing Michigan State the #1 seed in the Big Ten, but we beat them by 12!! It was a fun game for us Buckeye fans! :) Not so much for the MSU fans that were sitting all around us(still don't know how our tickets got us in the MSU section?!). After the game, we enjoyed some downtime at Borders before meeting up with our good friends, the Browns. We ate some delicious grub with them, then winded up going back to their house to play Euchre. Mucho funo! :) Sunday, Pete and I slept in, had breakfast and headed back to our kiddos. It was such a refreshing weekend...uninterrupted conversations and being responsible for only ourselves was such a treat! And being reunited with the kiddos has been great too! :)

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