Thursday, March 19, 2009

Steal of a Deal

I love when seasons change and you get to break out the clothes for the new season. It's something different and fresh as opposed to the cothes that you've been wearing over and over for the past several months. I also love shopping and getting a bargain. While my husband does not like spending money, I get a rush from buying something that I know could have cost so much more. For that reason, I'm so thankful that I live where I do now. We are less that a half hour away from a GREAT outlet mall and 15 minutes from a really good Gabriel Brothers. (If you're not familiar with Gabe's, it's similar to TJ Maxx or Rugged Wearhouse, but ours has a direct feed from an Ann Taylor Loft and a few other great stores. I frequently get Ann Taylor stuff for myself for $5-$20 each!) Today, the boys and I went to the Children's Place outlet and I bought 14 tops--some dressy, some long-sleeved t's--for the boys (12 for Jon, 2 for Sam--poor kid will be wearing hand-me-down's his whole life!) for less than $45. And that's not the best trip I've had...last summer I got adjustable waist jeans for the boys for under $2 a piece. It's amazing. And so fun for me! Anyway...just thought I'd share my fun and possibly entice those of you who live far away...come visit, we can go shopping! :)

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