Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jon says...

A couple weeks ago, we had fun at our neighbors' house and before we left they gave us some doughnuts. Jon and Sam split one. When Jon got to his last bite, he handed it to me and said, "that doughnut is just too big for my tummy, Mommy!" For days afterwards, anytime he was full, he would say, "I'm still full from that big doughnut, mom."

Saturday, I had gone upstairs and I hear from downstairs:
J: "utoh, Mom...utoh!"
Me: "what's the matter, bud?"
J: "I got my shirt and pants all wet!"
Me: "how'd you do that?"
J: "oh, man..."
silence as he comes to me. he arrives upstairs, completely naked.
J: "mom, I excused me'd and got my clothes all wet!"
Me: "you what?"
J: "I excused me'd all over my shirt and pants!"
Me: "you excused me'd? did you have gas?"
J: "no. I excused me'd out of my mouth and a little spit up came out. It was kind of funny, mommy."
(this was followed by questions about how he was feeling and apparently the spitting up was random. he's been healthy since)

An hour or so later after the excuse me incident, we had this conversation:
Me: "Hey, Jon, how's your tummy feeling?"
J: "Good! Mommy, that doughnut is finally gone!"
so random...

Pete took Jon and Sam fishing a few weeks ago on a mildly warm Saturday. He let Jon keep this little bobber and it's one of his FAVORITE things in the whole world. It's really cute. He tries to show it to everyone. Last night at 2:51, Jon comes into our room--he almost never gets up in the middle of the night--and says, "I ated up my bobber!" We are groggy, of course, and ask him to repeat himself and he says the same thing again. Then he says he needs a drink and to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, he looks in the toilet and says, "it's not in there, Mom!"
(we later found the bobber, between his mattress and bedframe...don't know why he thought he had eaten it. However, this did lead to a good conversation about choking and why it's important not to put things in your mouth.)

On the way to an Easter Egg Hunt today, Jon says, "I'm going to win today, Mommy. I'm going to run and get the most eggs." He is so my husband's child, making even an Easter Egg hunt a competition!

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Jen said...

I laughed til I cried. I almost excused myself!