Friday, April 3, 2009

the things he says!

I wish you could hear them all--well, actually not all of them, occassionally they're embarassing! This kid cracks me up. Soon, Sam will be joining Jon in these posts. He's talking more and more all the time. Obviously, Pete and I--and Jon actually-- understand him much better than anyone else, but he's quite verbal. (wonder where he gets that?) ;) For now, here are some of the highlights from the past week or so:

Jon, while playing with a magnetic letter book, says to me, "Which word next, hon?"

After I spilled some juice on the table, "Mom's don't make messes, boys make messes!" (don't I know it!!)

After being sent to his room/time out b/c he was disobeying, he came out to discover that I had finished loading the laundry into the washer and said in dispair, "But I wanted to help with the laundry, Mom!! I'm so sad."

Also, from time to time, he tells me what Sam "wants" to do...funny that those things seem to be eerily similar to what Jon wants to do. Example, "Sam wants to color on this erase-board with markers, Mom" (Sam has never done that until today, so somehow I doubt that Sam was "wanting" to do that...)

After unplugging the clock in his room for the 3rd time in 3 days, just to get me to come in and fix it during naptime, I told him if he does it again, I'll take the clock out of his room and he'll just have to wait until I come to get him to get up. Here's the coversation that followed:
J: "How many days will you keep my clock?"
Me: "A long time"
J, with a smile: "Huh, that's funny!"
Me: "No. It's not funny."
J, with a very serious expression: "You're right, Mom, that's not funny."
(ah, the joys of disciplining a 3 year old)

On Sunday, Jon's buddy Noah had to go to the hospital to get stitches. When I told Jon about it and that it was bleeding a lot, Jon said, "Oh no! Is he shrinking?"

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