Thursday, May 21, 2009

catch up?!?

I have been so bad about blogging lately. The few times that I've gotten on here lately, all I've done is upload pics or videos. I'm sorry! Life has been busy and I've been trying to be on this contraption less and spend more time doing more important things--spending quality time with the fam, reading, journalling, praying, exercising, etc. But I do intend to be more consistent about updating this. Really, I do! :)
First, just a couple of general updates:

**we LOVE our church. The faithful preaching of God's Word, the generous hearts and fellowship within the body of believers is so encouraging and refreshing. We're excited about joining together with them and reaching out to our community and showing them Christ's love.

**we're thankful for Pete's job that God has provided. However, things there have been going downhill. He came to work at Dew right as the company's management changed and due to poor management, things haven't gone well. Pete was willing to move to a different position--Scheduling/production manager--and still do a little sales on the side, when the need arose. And it has been a difficult position. He sees many problems, and even some possible solutions, but isn't in a position to do much about them. Please pray for him and our future. There's a good chance that the company may be going under soon. We trust that God has brought us here and He will continue to provide for us and lead us. He is always faithful--it's who He is, He cannot not be faithful.

**we have two of the most fun boys in the whole world. They crack us up on a regular basis. It has been so fun to see them play together more and more. The challenging part is trying to teach them how to handle conflict with each other. I try to remember when they struggle with this concept that there are many adults that don't handle conflict with others well, so I need to be gracious and patient with my 1 and 3 year olds! ;) I think I'll try to have a post about each of the boys soon to highlight what they're up to these days. For my own memory keeping sake and for those of you who don't get to enjoy them as often as you'd like! :)

This is getting long, so I'll just close with a couple of fun pics.
Enjoy! :)

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