Thursday, May 21, 2009

trip to Mansfield/Ashland

Two posts in one day??? I know, it's crazy! However, we're getting ready to go to Michigan and I figured I needed to catch up on the last trip first. :)

A few weeks ago, we went up to Pete's parents' house and spent the weekend. While we were there, Pete went turkey hunting with his dad. They had a blast and Pete got his gobbler on the second day. :) His dad got a picture, I'll have to get it sent to me so that I can post it. Seeing is believing, right? ;)

While there, the boys got to spend time with their grandparents, as well as my grandparents in Ashland. Also, we timed it so that we got to go to Kallie Foote's first birthday party. Here's a couple of pics for our time that weekend:

Shannon and I

Lucas and Kallie Foote

my budding pianists?

Grandma reading to Sam

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