Friday, May 29, 2009


We just returned from 6 days in Michigan with Pete's brother and his sweet family. It was a great trip. I wasn't sure how it was going to go b/c I knew Pete and his brother were planning to go fishing and camping for part of the time and the sleeping arrangements for the kids were questionable to say the least. However, Summer and Andy came up with a great plan for sleeping, which gave me so much more peace of mind. The kids were up a little earlier than they are at home, but overall napped and slept well all week! :)
As I mentioned, it was such a fun week! It included:
~trips to 2 different parks
~picnic lunch with Lake Michigan in the background
~games of cornhole
~a walk to the bakery
~a trip to a great children's museum
~Jon's first camping experience (which included fishing and camping with his cousin Caedmon)
~a girls' day for Summer and I
~camping and fishing for Pete and Andy
~a game of Settlers of Cattan, in which Summer won!! :)--I consider any game in which the boys are stymied a victory!
~watching 3 movies with Summer--2 disappointing ones and 1 good one
~great conversations
~getting to worship at Andy and Summer's church for the first time!
and much more! But enough talk, here's a few pictures...more will be posted on my facebook if you want to check them out, I'll post a link. You can just click here.

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Ziggie said...

That's awesome. We were just in Michigan over Memorial Day weekend to visit friends in Jackson.

Small, small world.