Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th Birthday Fun

That's right, my oldest little one turned four last week! Crazy!
We decided to do things a little differently this year for a couple reasons and not have a traditional birthday party. Instead, we found other ways to make his day fun and because of the weather and his daddy's work week, we ended up celebrating for three days--can't beat that! ;)

Day one included:
4 streamers and the #4 hanging in his doorway
a birthday banner

#4 pancakes

a trip to Toys R Us to redeem his train coupon (awesome b-day club treat!)
a stop at the Dollar Tree to get mylar balloons for the b-day boy, his buddy and his little brother
lunch w/ #4 jigglers

cupcakes w/ sprinkles (by request of course)
a visit from Grandma and Grandpa G.
pizza for dinner (by request)
Chocolate chip/butterscotch cookie cake


a soccer game

Day 2:
a trip to a splash park nearby
more cupcakes

Day 3:
soccer game
a trip to the zoo with Mom, Dad, little bro and best buddy

He had a great time celebrating and is quite excited to be four! I'm amazed at how many things he can suddenly do independently, "because I'm four now!" :)


Josh Brown said...

What a great birthday! Can't believe he is FOUR!?!?!?!? WOW! We love you Jon and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (a little late :))

Kara McDonald said...

How fun! I love all the #4 things... way to make the day special! Looks like he had a blast!