Friday, August 14, 2009

The Everyday Stuff

My boys crack me up on a regular basis, and because I know that a few of you--namely my parents and few random others--enjoy hearing about what they say and do, I thought I'd share. Here are just a few that come to mind:

At Target, buying a body pillow to replace the one I've had since freshman year of college--'97:
Jon says, "What's that, Mom?"
Me, "a body pillow--like the green one I have at home"
Jon, "oh, hey, I have a body!"

a little later,
Me, "You can have my old pillow"
Jon, "what about Sam? He has a body, too!"

In Walmart, discussing something random:
Me, "I don't know about that, Jon"
Jon, "Well, I do. I know all about that. I know everything."
Me, "hmph...yeah, you think you know everything, but you really don't."
Jon, "Yeah, you're right, I think I know everything."
Me *shaking head and laughing*

Sam is soon to be joining these posts, he's talking more and more.
The other day, he said to me, "Hey, Mama, where is my Daddy?" I think that's the longest grammatically correct sentence I have noticed him say as of yet.

I've really been trying to get them to share and take turns--story of my life at this point in time--and Jon frequently tells Sam he can have a turn "in a minute." Well, now, when Jon asks Sam to use a toy--train, car, etc--Sam's response is ALWAYS, "in mimit!"

Another lesson that Sam is learning is the importance of saying please and thank you. Unfortunately, he thinks saying them makes everything okay. A couple examples:
Me: "Sam, it's time to take your medicine"
Sam: "No thanks, Mama"
Me: "Yes, buddy, it's time for medicine, come here."
Sam: "No THANKS"

Another example: At Jon's soccer game, we forgot Sam's soccer ball for him to play with during the game, but he kept saying, "My ball, PLEASE!" and we'd say, "sorry it's at home." He'd say again, "PLEASE, please, my own soccer ball, Mama?" Please isn't really a magical word...

Jon is enjoying soccer but might not be as competitive as we had once thought. When we got home from his game yesterday, Pete asked who won and Jon looked up puzzled, then turned to me, "Who won, Mom?" (The other team won, but he was completely oblivious)

Another frequent conversation that Jon and I have is about arguing. His little nearly 4 year old brain wants to reason it's way out of doing things or out of trouble and I'm constantly fighting the, "but Mom..." with the "please don't argue with me." As a result, the other night, Jon was saying good night to Sam and we overhear him say, "Sam, don't argue with me, I'm going to sing Twinkle, Twinkle."

The other day, the boys and I had freezer pop/icee things (the things in the plastic tubes) and we ate them outside. There were only two chairs out in the grass where we were eating. Jon took one and I took the other, then Sam was sad, so I gave him my seat. Jon looked at me standing and said, "hey, Mom, you can sit here...but could I sit on your lap?" Any time, sweetie, any time!