Monday, September 21, 2009

Jon's memory verse project

First, I stole this idea from this great blog. But ever since seeing it, I've been wanting to do it with Jon. The beauty of this idea is that your little one doesn't have to know how to read, just be able to match up the words. Plus it does help with word recognition once they start to memorize the verse! Bonus! :) Here's a couple of pictures followed by a video of part of our project. We're going to try it with other verses--Jon actually asked if we could!! Yay!! I'd say that makes it a huge success! :) Also, like Leigh at Impress Your Kids, I posted the verse in our kitchen so that it reminds me to be saying it with the kiddos as well--which led my sweet husband to say, "Hey, great idea, hon!" Nothing like pleasing my boys, my husband and my Maker all at the same time! :)


linnea said...

What a precious idea, Heather. :-)
The sooner we are hiding God's word in our hearts - the better.
Love the framed photo of the verse. Thanks for sharing. <3

Leigh said...

OH, how WONDERFUL! I love your video of Jon matching the words and then repeating the verse!!!

The Adlers said...

After you posted about the blog on FB, I went and looked at it and I have been doing this with Max every since. If nothing else is accomplished this year Max and I will have a ton of verses hidden in hearts! Thanks for finding this. Jenny