Wednesday, September 9, 2009


These little boys fill my days with so much joy and laughter and frustration and craziness, but mostly joy and laughter. And I am so thankful to be their mom and to watch them grow and help teach them and mold them. I pray everyday that they might grow to know and love the Lord as their Lord and Savior at a young age and become men who seek after Him and serve Him all of their days. For now, they're learning about Him and all that He has placed around them more and more each day. Here's a little bit about them currently. :)


Age: 4
Height: 3 foot, 5 1/4 inches (approx. 75 %-ile)
Weight: 36 3/4 pounds (approx. 50 %-ile)
Favorite color: orange (or white depending when you ask him)
Favorite toys: Cars from the Cars Movie or Thomas the Tank Engine
Favorite movie: The Cars Movie
Favorite t.v. show: Backyardigans or Diego


Age: 2
Height: 3 foot (approx. 95 %-ile)
Weight: 30 1/4 pounds (approx. 75%-ile)
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite toys: whatever Jon is playing with!
Favorite movie: The Cars Movie
Favorite show: Curious George or Backyardigans or Thomas

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gail said...

no stats on pete?