Tuesday, November 3, 2009

so much to catch up on!

I've been quiet in the blogging world lately for a variety of reasons. The past few weeks it's been because of sickness in our house. Before that...I'm not even sure. I think sometimes I feel like if I don't have something really profound to say or some really cute story to tell that I shouldn't post, but...today, I'm posting nothing profound or adorable, just an update of sorts.

Jon and Sam are at such fun ages. They are playing together so much more and helping each other often. They also torment each other and pester each other and drive each other crazy--just wanted to keep it real here. ;) They can often be found playing with their cars or trains or building things with their legos. Also, Chutes and Ladders has become a favorite game along with Memory. Jon is requesting Hungry, Hungry Hippos for Christmas.

Sam has started to say, "Can I buy that?" about things he sees in the store or things on commercials. Today he said, "Can I buy that for you, Mama?" about some lego thing...thanks, but no thanks, buddy. :) He also tells us, "I be right back, guys!" when he leaves the room. He is my super cuddly one lately. He very frequently asks me to "hold me on the couch, Mama?" And he has a specific corner of his blankie that he sniffs while he sucks his fingers that he calls his "sniff." We sure love that little guy. In fact, Pete just said the other day that if they could start at two, he'd take three more right now! (he said that--NOT me! I recognize that three more at that age would be INSANE!!)

Jon is really into letters and LOVES his Leap Frog Fridge Words that he got for his birthday (thanks Grandma and Grandpa)! Also, he likes to make his trains and cars talk to other trains and cars. He loves playing wild and crazy games with his daddy and somehow knows that Mom will gladly read to him anytime, but probably won't wrestle with him or if she does it won't be for as long or as fun as it is with Daddy. :) He has had a few rough stretches lately--trying to talk back to us or throwing fits when he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it--but thankfully, God has blessed me with such a level-headed husband who reminds me to keep trying to be consistent and follow through and we'll get through this, and we do. Jon is doing better with those things--not perfect, but better. And overall, he is a sweet encourager who is often found helping his little brother or his Mom, but occasionally can be found on the floor crying! ;) (again, just keeping it real!)

Pete's job situation is still pretty dismal, but we're thankful for a job and praying about the future. There's more to all of this, but I can't really post about it. If you think of it, please pray for us--for wisdom and direction. Thanks! Also, he's recently become a deacon at our church and he's helping to lead the youth group there.
I'm enjoying the sweet friendships that God has blessed me with here and keeping in touch with old friends on facebook. Also, I'm involved with a Bible study group going through the book Having a Mary Spirit and it has been a huge blessing to me as I try to find the balance between doing and being. The boys and I can often be found building, chugging (trains), vrooming, creating, reading or tickling. I'm looking forward to starting school full-time next year with Jon here at home, but in the meantime, we do workbook pages together and he's learning to read in 100 easy lessons (Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons) and really enjoying that. I was really intimidated by the idea of teaching my kids to read and so far, it's been pretty easy--he's only reading a few words, but we're only 10 lessons in and he's only 4! And Sam loves trying to learn the letters, too! I'm really thankful for that encouragement that I think is straight from the Lord. He knows just what this heart needs! :)
Okay...if you've made it this far, you must really love me! This should about catch you up to speed on our little family. Hope this finds you doing well--please keep in touch if you don't already!

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