Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boys and Beans

Long time, no post...sorry!
Currently, we're recovering from the stomach flu. It started with Jon on Saturday and then Pete and I got it on Monday night/Tuesday morning and by Tuesday night, Sam joined in the fun. Today, we're all on the upswing--Sam, Pete and I all on the toast diet and Jon actually beginning to eat "real food" again. Today, I tried to keep Sam still--a difficult feet--in order to help keep that toast in him! So, we broke out the beans: black eyed peas, northern beans and pinto beans. They each had a few measuring spoons, measuring cups and a couple of cars, as well. It actually kept them entertained for about 45 minutes before naptime and then another 30 minutes after naptime! There were some beans to pick up afterwards, but it was much easier to clean up than rice--we've tried that before.

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