Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Catching Up

This year is flying by--I really can't believe it's almost March. I'm going to try to sum up what we've been up to with a few words and a few pictures.

He finished up his time at DewTechnology in January and had a couple weeks off. We thoroughly enjoyed that time together. :) Then he began studying for some state insurance tests and just finished and passed them last week. This week, he's been shadowing a local State Farm agent who has been very helpful and encouraging. Next week, he begins the State Farm specific training down in Tennessee. Throughout this month, the boys have been loving having their daddy around a bit more than usual! He's built snow tunnels, a snow fort and a snowman with them.
There's also been a bit of wrestling and Wii-ing going on around here. :) He also has been a huge help to me--especially when I hurt my back in January.

I've been enjoying having Pete around so much! We've been playing the Wii together, going on dates and even getting away for a few days sans children! I've also been enjoying our sweet boys, who are getting so big. I got to go to WinterJam and enjoy some great music and fellowship with friends.
Also, I'm studying a great book--Feminine Appeal by Carolyn Mahaney--with a couple friends from church. And doing some research/shopping for the fall when we're going to begin homeschooling Jon.

Jon is starting to read!! It's so exciting for all of us. He loves his Leap Frog movies and is constantly singing about how "the silent E makes the first vowel say it's name!" He easily spends as much time playing with his letters as he does with his trains or cars. It's pretty cute. (cute is a silent E word, by the way--"Take cut add E and you've got cute--the E makes the U say it's name!") We are constantly talking about self-control and not throwing fits when things don't go our way. We've got a long way to go in that area. However, we're also constantly praising him for being such an encourager to his brother. He's really such a sweet kid most of the time! :)


This kid is so opposite of his brother in so many ways. Where Jon has always been openly defiant, Sam is much more of a people pleaser--at least to your face. His defiance is much sneakier. Also, he's starting to become quite the ham. Anything for a laugh seems to be his motto. When we tell him no, often he says, "But it's funny!" And we have to say that it doesn't matter if it's funny if he's disobeying. (not easy when he's actually doing something funny) The other day he had been sent to his room for not sharing and when I came up to talk to him, he saw me coming and put his trashcan on his head and said, "I mam a trashcan head!!!!" Hilarious and random...I couldn't help laugh. He still got punished for the sharing incident, but he also made me laugh. Such a goofball. He LOVES playing with his brother and snuggling with his mama. It's really fun to see him becoming a little boy. Yikes!

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