Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A bit of catching up to do...

I'm not sure how two months has passed since my last entry, but...it has! We've spent our summer doing the normal summer things--parks, pools, slip n' slides, sprinklers, riding bikes (not me so much, since I'm getting larger and larger!), having picnics, etc. We've gotten to see a lot of extended family and enjoyed many play dates with fun friends. Some of the mentionable highlights are:
~finding out baby #3 is a healthy little boy!
~Jon learning to ride a bike without training wheels
~we got bunk beds and the boys moved in together--they LOVE it! :)
~having my parents and my youngest brother, Matt, move in with us for a few weeks until they can move into their new house only about 25 minutes from us!!!
~Jon turned 5!
Then just last week our upstairs bathroom flooded and we've now got rooms on all three levels of our house demolished! The one that impacts us the most is the kitchen which is just about completely gutted. The ceiling and floor were ruined, so it's stripped down. We're very thankful that our insurance will be covering just about everything and that barring something unforeseen, everything should be put together as good as new before the baby comes. Also, having it happen now when Pete isn't traveling as much and I'm feeling pretty healthy is a huge blessing as well!
If you think of us, pray that we could be a witness to the workers that will be in and out of our home and that we would glorify God throughout this process. Thanks!

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Anuja said...

Wow! You must be a miracle worker!! I have two baby girls and it takes every ounce of will power to keep my wits about me and refrain from hurling myself off the top of a steep cliff! Three boys!!! Good luck and I love your attitude.