Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will--3 months old

It is so fun watching this little guy as he grows and changes! Here are some things I want to remember about Will at 3 months:

~he coos more and more
~smiles are more and more frequent
~he loves flapping his arms and legs around
~he giggled for the first time yesterday!
~he prefers his right thumb, but I have found him sucking the left twice!
~he loves schedule and his typically goes like this:
-up around 8am, eat, changed, awake for around an hour, the sleep for around 2 hours, repeat until 8pm, then he sleeps until I wake him at 10:30pm, feed him and put him right back down and he sleeps 'till morning! :)
~he's finally able to find his thumb in his car seat, so driving places isn't torture for us anymore!!
~he drools like mad!

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