Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the other two

Lately, I've been taking pictures and posting about Will more than Jon and Sam and I don't want them to feel like they're just "the other two" or the "older boys." And actually, they've been cracking me up left and right lately with some of the things that they've said.'s a taste of the things they've been saying and doing.
playing in the sink on a cold day
Sam and I were driving home from the grocery store and a song came on. He said, "This is my last favorite song." Then I said, "oh, you don't like this one, huh?" And he answered, "Well, actually, I think it's my 12th favorite."

At church, Sam was pretending to look through a telescope and told his Sunday school teacher, "I've got my pirate-scope!" :)

So on the way home from my mom's house today, Jon says, "Mama, when are you going to get a job?" I explain that taking care of him and Will and Sam is my job. So then he said, "No, I mean a job that pays so we can have some more money!" After explaining that then we'd have to pay someone else to take care of them, Sam says,"Well, then could you go to work and Daddy can stay home with us? He's the favorite." Ouch!

These two are such good buddies. Today, Jon told Sam, "Let the oldest show you how to do it!"
sliding down the stairs in their sleeping bags

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