Friday, February 25, 2011

Fly on the Wall

I recently bought notebooks from Snapfish that are personalized with a picture of each boy on the front and titled, Jon's Book of Quotes and Sam's Book of Quotes. It's been fun for me to take a few minutes here and there to record some of the things that come out of their little mouths. Seriously, they crack me up! Here are just a couple from yesterday:

Sam: "Mama, it's 10:23!"
Me, knowing that our friends were supposed to come around 10:30: "It sure is! What comes next?"
Sam: "I know! I know! A bigger number!"


Jon and I were reading together and I asked him, "Jon, did you toot?"
He answered, "Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't know sooner, because it smells like when Daddy's been in the bathroom for a long, long time!"


Jon and Sam were playing and Sam said, "Jon, you're my best, best, best friend."


I overheard the tail end of this conversation while the boys were playing together:
Jon: "Saaaaammm..."
Sam: "but I want it."
Jon: "Fine, I'll go play something else."
Sam: "Noooo! I'll be kind! I'll be kind!"

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