Friday, April 1, 2011

Will-4 months old

This little boy, whom I refer to lovingly as our chunky monkey, is not so little! We just got back from his 4 month check up. Here are some fun facts about our youngest gross boy:
At 4 months:
~weighs 18 lbs, 10 oz.
~is 27 3/4 inches long
~is super laid back and happy 99% of the time
~still sucks his thumb, but isn't picky about which thumb anymore--maybe he'll be ambidextrous?
~LOVES his brothers!
~is still a little afraid of his own laughter
~is ticklish
~loves himself a good schedule--which makes this mama so happy!
(for my own record keeping, I'll explain the current schedule:
I wake him @ 8:30ish for the first feeding, he nurses for 10-13 minutes, is awake until around 9:45-10am, then sleeps until noon. Then he nurses, is awake until 1:30ish, then sleeps until 3:30pm. At 3:30 he eats, plays, sleeps from 5 until 7pm. Eats, plays, sleeps from 8:30pm until I wake him for his dreamfeed at 10:30, which he sleeps through and goes back to bed until I wake him at 8:30 the next morning. He's such a easy baby!)

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