Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jon at 5 (and a half--we can't forget the half!)

Just wanted to hit the highlights of life with Jon.
He's such a fun kid. He's mostly like his dad--practical and prepared, but he's definitely his own little person.
~He likes to do things methodically--he makes a new lego project for himself and one for Sam each week and then leaves them built for the whole week.
~He loves words and reading. I found him making his own church directory with letter stickers and construction paper.
~He struggles with being pessimistic and getting frustrated when things don't go his way, but we're working on thankfulness and how we respond to disappointments.
~He's not the least bit shy--he'll talk your ear off about the most random things, but especially about the Cars Movie.
~He's very driven and once he puts his mind to something, he usually achieves it.

~He's easily scared of movies or cartoons which means we don't watch much Disney--besides the Cars Movie. :) Unfortunately, he's also scared of spiders--that's totally my fault!
~He's a really great big brother *most* of the time. :) He and Sam play together constantly, and he loves getting Will to smile and laugh.
~He's a natural learner--we're finishing up kindergarten here at home and overall it's been a joy. Not everyday or moment, but for the most part it has been really fun to help him learn and to recognize his strengths(reading and math) and weaknesses(handwriting!!! and taking his time).
~He loves riding his bike and can't wait for the sunshine and summer! (can't say I blame him)

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Jen said...

did I tell you we're thiiiiiiss close to homeschooling next year?! I'm so excited.