Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sam at three (and a half)

A quick update on Sam--the poor middle child is getting done last and I'm getting tired, typical, right?
Sam is silly and fun-loving. He's more emotional and way more laidback than Jon--a bit more like his mama.
~Sam loves to do just about anything with Jon. He'll even just watch Jon build something or write something. He LOVES Jon. It's about the cutest thing in the whole world to me. The two of them make me want to have another little one about two years younger than Will so that he can enjoy that type of friendship. (We'll see...it's way too soon to be making those kinds of decisions!)
~Sam is very athletic. He's interested in learning sports and currently says baseball is his favorite. :)
~He participates in our school time often--after all, that's what Jon is doing! As a result, he can do some simple addition and subtraction and count by 10's. Yep, he's only 3. Crazy.
~He gets really sad when he doesn't get his way, but usually perks up quickly.
~He is attached to his blankie and sucks his middle two fingers constantly. This is starting to bug me, but we've told him he has until his birthday and then we've got to cut that back drastically.
~He is super sweet with his little brother. He's often found talking to Will, especially if Will is upset. He's great at trying to calm him down or distracting him. It's adorable.
~He loves playing outside and is eager for some warmer and dryer days, too!

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