Thursday, June 2, 2011


How quickly I forget things...and take things for granted.

The month of May was filled with rain-soaked days. Rain was a given almost every single day of the month. I would hesitantly open up and grimace at the forecast of rain, rain and more rain. Today, I realized that in the past couple days, since we've been having more "seasonable" weather, I haven't checked the weather. I have assumed that we will have sunny days with blue skies and warm-to-hot temperatures. It is June now, after all.

This morning God used the sunny sky to remind me of my forgetfulness. How quick I am to forget day after day after day of rain. It's just like I am with my sin. Day after day after day...I tread upon His grace and goodness with my sinfulness assuming forgiveness. How quickly I discount the price paid for my forgiveness. How quickly I forget what repentance really means and looks like. It is not nonchalant. It is not hasty. It is "a change of mind, accompanied with regret and sorrow for something done, and an earnest wish that it was undone."*

Lord God, thank you for sunshine and blue skies, but thank you even more for forgiveness. Help me to be truly repentant of my sin because it is no small thing to offend a Holy God. Thank you for the work of Christ on the cross that I might be forgiven and have fellowship with you again. Draw me into that forgiveness and that fellowship, that I might live each day filled with thankfulness. Amen

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