Monday, August 8, 2011

Catching Up on Me and Multitude Monday

God is just so gracious to me. I've been teetering and tottering between being really excited about all that this year has in store for us and being really scared and worried about all that it has for us. That has led to some days of not letting myself even think about moving, homeschooling first grade while taking care of a toddler and a four year old, my husband starting a business, etc. And other days of near panic because I can't stop thinking about it all. Thankfully, God has been faithfully reminding me of His goodness and His faithfulness. Through songs, devotional books, scripture, words from friends, sermons and even facebook, He has reminded me of His provisions and the fact that He is sovereign. He knows the end from the beginning. He has brought me to this and He will lead me through it. Now, whether I honor Him throughout that or not is in my hands, but I can know that He will be with me--He is my Emmanuel.

Saturday I had some kids songs on shuffle on the ipod and the Seeds Family Worship song The Secret came on. The song is based on Philippians 4:12-13 and repeats those verses along with asking the question, "Do you want to know the secret?" and then "I can do everything, through Him who gives me strength." I decided then that it would be our theme song this year for homeschooling and all the other craziness that I mentioned above. So we began our morning talking about what a theme song and theme verse are and then we had a little dance party listening to the song--the boys loved it. I think we'll start each day with the song in one way or another. :)

I've been trying to be faithful in eating better and exercising using So far, I love the website--it just helps me to be aware of what I'm actually eating and how much or how little I'm exercising. One of the biggest things that I've had to change is my coffee intake. You see, it turns out that the creamer I add makes my cup of coffee the same in fat and calories as a candy bar. So...I've cut down from 2-3 cups a day to one a day. Also, I've been alternating between Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred, a SELF magazine workout that's on Netflix, and working out at the gym at Cedarville University. I am already fitting into shorts that were really tight at the beginning of the summer!

Still praying for a buyer or possibly renter for our house. If you know someone who's looking for a wonderful home in Xenia, Ohio, send them my way! Pete found a great space for his office in Blue Ash, so we'd love to be settling in down there, but we're trusting that God has a perfect plan for us and trying not to get frustrated that His timing isn't exactly what we were hoping for down here.

Well, I've been super productive today, but the to-do list isn't quite done yet, so I'll leave you with my list of gifts that I'm thankful for today:
~my husband who calls me to chat when he has a few minutes at work
~little boys who enjoyed learning today
~getting things done quicker than I anticipated
~laundry washed, dryed, folded and put away (for now)
~meatballs in the crockpot for dinner
~a baby that waves at me
~york peppermint patties
~a call from my dad just to say hi
~the arrival of dear friends' baby boy
~sunshine and air conditioning :)

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Elle Laine said...

Browsing around and found your wonderful blog. My daughter is a homeschooling mother of 5 boys. I can't wait to tell her about your site.
Thank you for the joy, the beauty and the sharing of your life. It is an inspiration to a woman trying desperately to find her way. Elle @