Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jon is SIX

I cannot believe that my baby, my first born, turned six--last month. I've been terrible about blogging, but the reasons for that are a whole different blog post! Jon turned six at the end of August. And for his birthday, he gets a blog post all about him! Jon... driven. Once he thinks of a plan, watch out! goal-oriented. He works so much faster if he knows what is next. thoughtful. He often comes up with ideas or projects that we can do to help someone else. "always thinking" and listening. You can't say something to this kid and expect him not to remember. He will. fidgety. Sitting absolutely still kills him. a bookworm. He loves a good mystery, but also loves learning. He took A Look Inside My Body to our CC Coop on Tuesday as his favorite book. extremely competitive. He got quite upset at his first soccer game this year when his teammates weren't scoring as much as he was. (we've addressed this since then--I'm definitely not bragging here.) usually very polite. ...still loves Thomas trains, but they've slowly lost ground to legos. ...has been becoming more and more of an artist. He loves creating things and cutting and glueing and drawing, etc. I love this! :) ...loves to ride his bike and is trying to teach himself to ride with no hands! ...struggles with handwriting, but every other subject area comes pretty easily to him. SO very social and has never met a stranger. :) ...still likes to crawl up on my lap from time to time and let me hold him and read to him. I love this, too! ...weighs 45 pounds (48th percentile) 45 1/2 inches tall (50th percentile)

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