Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sam is FOUR

Time is just flying by. I cannot believe that my sweet Sam, or Sammer as he is still often referred to around here, can be four years old. In some ways, he seems older than four because he's always keeping up with Jon, but in other ways, he still seems so little. His birthday was a rough day for me--which was not really at all related to him, but probably affected him none the less. Last year his birthday was a crazy day for me, too. Hopefully next year can be more low-key! Here's Sam's birthday post, better late than never! Sam... such a goofball. fun-loving. sweet and tenderhearted. competitive--especially if it comes to his big brother! ...loves his little brother, but occasionally forgets about him! (told his new Sunday school teacher he had one brother, Jon) always thirsty. quite naturally athletic and always wants to be playing some organized game. ...says some of his words incorrectly--especially r's, s's, j's, but so did his daddy at this age, so...we're not worried. ...loves doing school with us each day--he keeps up with us in math and does some handwriting and language arts, too! :) ...likes being read to, but doesn't often just sit and look at books by himself--he's got more active things to do! ...loves being around people, but can be shy around new people. ...enjoys playing with cars and paper airplanes. ...can write his name, count by 2's and 10's, and sing you some CC history sentences with the best of them! ;) ...still naps everyday and is very cuddly afterwards! (which I LOVE) :) ...weighs 38 pounds (67th percentile) 41 inches tall (75th percentile)

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