Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Classical Conversations

We joined Classical Conversations last year when Jon was five. We've known about and hoped to join since our days in Virginia where we saw so many families we loved taking part in the homeschool co-op at our church there. Last year, the Beavercreek CC was such a blessing for us. Now that we've moved down to Cincinnati, the South Lebanon campus has become our new CC home. It's been a transition, with Sam and Jon in classes this year and Will staying home with my dear friend, Jenny--a little more to juggle than last year with just two, only one of whom was actually going to class. We have really enjoyed making new friends and have been blessed with great tutors for both boys. CC is a highlight of our week! Here are a couple pictures I've caught of the boys so far this year: Sam was presenting his favorite book. He brought in a book about the Cars Movie. :)
Jon working on math skip counting:
Sam working on math also. I love his tongue in this one!

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