Thursday, December 15, 2011


These boys, especially Jon, love all things crafty. I enjoy those types of things, too, but...may or may not be guilty of avoiding most crafts with my kiddos since the work for me before, during and after is usually pretty involved. However, I have been pleased to find that recently when doing crafts, it is much less labor intensive for me. Jon and Sam are much more self-sufficient and much less messy! Hooray! I see more crafts in our future! :) Here are a couple crafts that we have done thanks to pinterest and blogs:
We made one of these for my parents, too. I mentioned to my mom that I thought it would be cool to use their thumb prints in red and or blue ink to make ornaments on the tree. She had them do it on her tree and it looks really cute. I'd love to add that to mine as well, but first I'll need to get some red or blue acrylic paint. :)

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