Thursday, December 22, 2011

William the Conqueror/Destructo

This kiddo is non-stop lately. His favorite thing to do is carry things around and dump things out. And just when I think I've moved things from his reach that would lead to a big mess, he reaches just a bit higher and makes a crazy mess. In fact, ironically, I just had to go get him because he found a diaper that I had put in the laundry room--the last step before the garage--and was carrying it around and dropping it. That situation really had no happy ending in sight! Here are a couple shots of him in action. I apologize for the poor photo quality, my camera is broken again and these are cell phone shots.
The baskets above are the preferred object to carry around, because you can actually put things inside of them, making them the very best! He was really happy with himself to have but a basket inside of a basket above. He carried them around and dropped them, reloaded and went at it again!
A couple days ago, he decided he wanted to carry around this gift from under the tree. Yes, he did pick one of the only gifts that is breakable. Yes, he did drop it several times. Fear not, it's very secure inside of a lot of styrofoam--bad for the environment, yes, good for the recipient of this gift, yes!
He's also begun to LOVE getting a laugh. This was him trying to make me laugh at breakfast the other morning. LOVE.
The good news is that all this walking, carrying, falling, getting up, and repeat, is leading to a sleepy boy who is napping well most days! :) I think we'll keep him! :)

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