Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Capturing Moments

As some of you know, my camera has been out of commission for a few months. It has been so hard for me to be patient and live with cell phone pics that are so often blurry and grainy. Then last week my phone stopped communicating with my computer. Suddenly I couldn't upload any of the pictures I had been taking on my phone. It was my own little mini tragedy. Pete and I had made a deal that if I could sell our old gas stove on Craigslist then I could use the money to replace our camera, which we had only purchased 18 months ago. I'm thankful to share that we finally sold it. I knew we wouldn't get a lot for it, the stove was old, but I was thankful to sell it. I scoured the camera reviews on Amazon and Best Buy and found what I think will be a good little camera for us. The best deal was on Amazon, so now I wait for it's arrival eagerly.

In the meantime, if a picture is worth a thousand words, I'd need a lot of blog entries to explain all that I have been trying to mentally capture around here. Don't worry, I won't do that to you! There are, however, a few moments that I want to blog about so that I don't forget. Mostly with Will because he is changing SO quickly these days. He's leaving baby behind to become a full fledged toddler. In some ways, I love it--he's SO much fun. But on the flip side, time is FLYING by with him. I'm really trying to soak him up.

Yesterday the boys were lined up watching a new Curious George episode. I took a picture with my phone, knowing it wouldn't upload, but hoping to someday resolve that problem. The fact that all three of my kids LOVE that crazy little monkey and will all get excited to watch it makes me happy. A few minutes into the show, Will got up and decided to tackle Jon and Sam. It was hilarious the way that he surprised them and made them laugh. He loved the attention, which led to a few repeat occurrences. I took some cell phone pics of that, too. Maybe I can get them uploaded someday. :)

Before naps and bedtime, Will likes to either climb onto the rocking horse that Pete's grandfather made or onto the rocking chair that has been in Pete's family for several generations. He rocks in either spot while I arrange his blankets and stuffed animals and hide his books underneath some of the animals. He "reads" when he wakes up, but I like to hide them in the hopes that he sleeps better than he would otherwise. One of my favorite things is how eagerly he comes to me as soon as I've finished arranging things. He is such a good sleeper and really enjoys going to bed. I'm so thankful for that.

This morning alone brought several adorable moments that I don't want to forget. First,I found him on his tiptoes reaching for shoes on the shelf in our entryway saying, "SHOOOOOO...SHOOOO..." When he saw me, he lit up and brought me a couple of the shoes, telling me over and over, "shooo, shooo, shooo!" And then he tried to put them on over his footy pajamas! It was precious.

A bit later I found him up on the stool in the bathroom. (This is a new skill, climbing up on stools and onto our hearth. He is very proud of these skills) He has done this before and it's always cute because he just beams with pride, but today, he had found the comb I use to fix the other boys hair before we go anywhere and was trying, in his 15 month old way, to comb his own hair. It was SO funny.

There are many more moments that I could try to describe, but I should get back to this moment with my kiddos. Hopefully, that camera will arrive soon and I'll be posting actual pictures in no time!

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